9 Tips for Accompanying Children Using Gadgets During the Corona Pandemic


Schools use social media or gadgets as a medium for children to learn from home during the corona virus pandemic. The assignments given by the school are usually given through the WhatsApp group.

There are even tasks that are given by watching on television or YouTube. As parents we must accompany children to use gadgets. Do not let too many children use gadgets that will have a fatal impact on children.

Here are tips for accompanying children to use gadgets during a corona pandemic:

  1. Encourage Children to Interact. Take time to interact with children directly. So don’t just stick to the media or gadgets.
  2. Updating Knowledge about Digitizing Today. Do updates related to what is currently loved by children. From there parents can make restrictions on children.
  3. Enforce Rules in Accessing Electronic Devices. Apply the clock and duration rules for using gadgets and limit access to online media shows. Children also need to rest.
  4. Take Control of Children’s Activities in the Virtual World. Activate the parental control feature. Enforce a password to download certain applications.
  5. Set a Clear Daily Activity Schedule. Children who are preoccupied with a variety of beneficial activities will not easily feel bored at home.
  6. Interact with Children on Social Media. Interact wisely and still pay attention to children’s privacy.
  7. Accompany Children. Assist children in using digital media. Don’t let children access themselves to find answers. This is to prevent things that are not desirable.
  8. Give Appreciation to Children. For example, when children keep a timetable for using digital media devices or avoid accessing content that is not age-appropriate.
  9. Parents Must Become a Role Model in Using Digital Devices. Tips to accompany children to use other gadgets that parents must be a role model in using digital devices. Like not using a digital device all the time and all the time, not ignoring the conversation because it is accessing digital media, and putting down the cellphone while eating.
9 Tips for Accompanying Children Using Gadgets During the Corona Pandemic
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